MvcPager is a free paging component for ASP.NET MVC web application, it expose a series of extension methods for using in ASP.NET MVC applications, the implementation was inspired by ScottGu's PagedList<T> idea.

MvcPager features include:

  1. Basic url route paging;
  2. Support Ajax paging using jQuery or default Ajax library included in mvc project template;
  3. Can be safely downgraded to standard url paing if client browser doesn't support Javascript or Javascript is disabled;
  4. Search engine friendly, whether it's standard url paging or Ajax paging, search engines can crawl through all pages;
  5. Support both ASP.NET MVC 1.0 and ASP.NET MVC 2.0;
  6. Support all major browsers, IE, Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Safari;

MvcPager is free and open source software, the source code is released under Ms-PL license.