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AspNetPager Changelog

Version 7.5.1(6/9/2015)
  • Fixed a bug where container tag is not closed if ShowDisabledButtons value is false;
Version 7.5(5/28/2015)
  • Inherits from System.Web.UI.WebControls.WebControl instead of System.Web.UI.WebControls.Panel;
  • Removed property Wrap;
  • Added item Ul to enumeration LayoutType;
Version 7.4.5 (7/22/2013):
  • Fixed a bug where "&" sign may be lost in the url when UrlPaging property value is true;
Version 7.4.4 (2013-7-20):
  • Fixed a bug where last page url is incorrect when in url paging mode and ReverseUrlPageIndex property is true;
  • Fixed a bug where IndexOutOfRangeException is thrown when url parameter without = sign is added to url;
  • Added language resource files for Simplified Chinese and Tranditional Chinese;
Version 7.4.3 (4/22/2013):
  • Page.Request.ServerVariables["Query_String"] is null in some environments and queryString.StartsWith("?") throw an exception;
  • The first page number and more page button displayed incorrectly when AlwaysShowFirstLastPageNumber is true;
Version 7.4.2 (11/19/2012):
  • Remove page index parameter from first page in order to improve SEO;
  • Added FirstPageUrlRewritePattern property;
  • Code optimization;
Version 7.4.1 (9/7/2012: Minor bug fixes.
Version 7.4 (9/5/2012: Bug fixes and code optimization.
Version 7.3.2 (2/26/2010: Minor bug fixes.
Version 7.3.1 (2/8/2010: Minor bug fixes.
Version 7.3 (12/25/2009: Major upgrade, bug fixes and features improvements, added more properties. English version released.
Version 7.2.1 (9/9/2009: Minor upgrade, added "GoToPage" method.
Version 7.2 (10/1/2008: Major upgrade, bug fixes, features improvements, added more properties.
Version 7.1 (7/20/2008: Major upgrade, bug fixes, source code quality and features improvements, added more properties.
Version 7.0.2 (1/26/2008: Minor upgrade, added some new properties.
Version 7.0.1 (12/29/2007: Minor bug fixes.
Version 7.0 (12/3/2007: Major upgrade, added more properties, improved source code quality.
Version 6.0 (12/26/2006: Major upgrade, added more properties.
Version 5.0 (10/16/2006: Major upgrade, support .net framework 2.0 and VS2005.
Version 4.3 (1/26/2004.ToShortDateString()): Minor bug fixes and improvements.
Version 4.2 (8/25/2003: Minor bug fixes, added new property "AlwaysShow".
Version 4.1 (5/16/2003: Minor bug fixes.
Version 4.0 (5/12/2003: Major upgrade, features improvements.
Version 3.0 (5/10/2003: Major upgrade, added more features.
Version 2.0 (5/2/2003: Major upgrade,url paging feature added.
Version 1.0 (4/19/2003: Initial version.