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UrlPager Changelog

Version 2.0 (5/25/2015)
  • Interits from System.Web.UI.WebControls.WebControl instead of System.Web.UI.WebControls.Panel;
  • Implementing INamingContainer interface;
  • Added property ContainerTag;
  • Added property DisabledPagerItemTemplate;
  • Renamed property StartRecordIndex to StartItemIndex;
  • Renamed property EndRecordIndex to EndItemIndex;
  • Renamed property PageCount to TotalPageCount;
  • Renamed property ReverseUrlPageIndex to ReversePageIndex;
  • Renamed property PagerItemWrapperFormatString to PagerItemTemplate;
  • Renamed property NavigationPagerItemWrapperFormatString to NavigationPagerItemTemplate;
  • Renamed property NumericPagerItemWrapperFormatString to NumericPagerItemTemplate;
  • Renamed property MorePagerItemWrapperFormatString to MorePagerItemTemplate;
  • Renamed property ShowInactivePagerItems to ShowDisabledPagerItems;
  • Positioned the current page index at the center of the numeric pager items;
  • Added more unit tests;
  • Changelog
  • }
    Version 1.2 (8/31/2012): Fixed bug in which url parameters lost after paging;
    Version 1.1 (8/20/2010): Fixed bug in which UrlPager control does not show when TotalItemCount<=NumericPagerItemCount and AutoHide is true;
    Version 1.0 (6/20/2010): First public release;